Speak of wide wharf Tun, also calculate one in the WH City pretty well-known place.There is WH university in its neighborhood, teacher in China etc. Fan top-grade university, at the same time is also WH City is going to region's biggest electronics selling exhibition in the whole China.Ming Dynasty here because is the ground of Chu's king's escort soldier Tun Ken be coach factory outlet online sale called wide wharf Tun, but the wide wharf Tun store now of mostly some electronics equipmentses, become the commercial center of newly arisen computer, and cellular phone...etc. coach factory online electronics product.
Of the private send to a wide wharf of 2 people to store. Coach factory outlet online sale was taking Han Xiao Xi first to arrive bank to take 30,000 dollars cash, literally went toward to put wrapping of ball ball inside on filling, then and directly entered the cellular phone that a bank neighborhood is named new century communication particularly camp store.This store son doesn't calculate small, foot 80th, square, three only salesgirls that unify to pack inside the store are rounding a man who has a liking for to pretty have vehemence to promote to begin machine, Coach factory outlet online sale follow Han Xiao Xi coach factory outlet counter front, one among the salesclerks went toward toward their Piao one eye, suddenly eyes a bright, walked to come over toward 2 people.
Coach factory outlet online sale?Still take the doubt of one silk indetermination in the tone excitement of salesgirl.
Coach factory outlet online sale this is just careful on seeing, just discover to is still an acquaintance, before he the first love was girl friend, Wang Lin Lin, a girl of bedroom.Call tax fine, a pretty open soil household girl.
Sum?Is the tax fine?How do you go to work here?Need not have a class? Coach factory outlet online sale also feel pretty surprised.
Ah, my cousin goes to work here, she usually makes me take a class for her, and I become accustomed to.This time is that she occupies to go home at the time, make me help her crest two day I came right away Bai.Anyway I these two days also nothing important lesson.Pour is you how here?I hear that you went abroad to study abroad, how come back?The tax is fine to continue to ask a coachaioo1 way.
Ha ha, make trouble too much abroad, be rushed through to return to country in advance by the foreign devil! Coach factory outlet online sale at will coped with a sentence.Go to school into the words for returning to the fatherland spoke and then wented with acquaintance for three months, outsider in front, particularly the outsider in front of nothing important quarrel, Coach factory outlet online sale still like low key a point.
That also nothing important, come back quite good!I feel to study abroad nothing important also okay!Although I pretty want something to go!To, Lin Lin with that king Kun broke up you to know not?The tax is fine to obviously have no some oneself is awaring of self of a salesclerk now, don't ask whether the customer chooses a cellular phone and directly pull very not easy run into of acquaintance, start to be carefree pulling.